Who are you



Who are you is a question people usually ask when they want to know you. However, you should be ready for a reply so no one looks down on you. Nevertheless, you should give real or truthful answers. That is why it’s important to really define yourself and make your life meaningful.

You need to get a life, a better future and mindset that can help you succeed. The kind of mindset you have will determine if you will succeed in life or not. So what ever you are doing in life be focus and never give up because soon the sky will be your limit.


Who are you


Who are you

This is a question asked when someone wants to hear and know the real you. So, you should tell the person your name, where you are from and what you do. Also, you can let the person know if you are student or not. But the important part is having a good story to tell about yourself. So, no one will look down on you

When I created this video something came into my mind. Furthermore, when you watch the video; it will simply help you know what to tell people. When you are asked the question who are you. In the video I revealed about myself and what I do.

However, I’m a motivational speaker, a blogger, a video editor and a travel agent. I’m serial entrepreneur, that’s just who I am. So you can watch the video and get to know what to tell people about yourself. So get a life that people will want to connect with you.

How to know what people think about you

What people think or feel about you is important. This another vital topic. However, I may need to write on this some other time. But meanwhile, I will brief you a little on this. For you to know what people think about you; you need to be observant and try not to give wrong impression about yourself. When you observe people very well, you will definitely know what they are saying or thinking about you. This is because their character will tell you while observing.

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