Get out of darkness



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Out of darkness is a motivational content that helps to redefine your mind. Often times people do things in the wrong way and expect positive changes.

Light and Darkness

“Leave the darkness!, what do you enjoy in being in the dark. What do you gain in living in the dark. Can you see while in the dark. Are you seeing yourself in the dark. Who are you seeing? Do you benefit from it. What can you gain from it. Leave dark behaviour. I wonder why you choose to be in the dark when there’s light. Why not come to light and benefit.

Get out of darkness
Power of Light

Consequence of darkness

Leave darkness, it is not good for you. Why not come out of it, when in the dark no body sees you and you hardly see someone. However, it is not a better life. Darkness does not profit a man, it profits no body. Why will you be in the dark. Get out of darkness and give yourself a better life. When in the dark no good things come to you. You only struggle without help. No body sees you. Only you will stay in the dark and wither away. Leave darkness it’s not the right place for you. You can’t excel in it. However, you need people to see you. Leave darkness so accident will not happen to you. So, good things can come into your life; darkness is meant for evil doers. Only those that do evil like darkness. You don’t need it.
Anything bad represent darkness, evil. Leave darkness come out of it. Experience the better life, the joy of the world. Darkness will not prosper you. You don’t need to be in the dark, you need to be in light. Also, learn to transform your life from dark to light.


Benefits and power of light

Come to light. Light is beautiful, when in the light good things come to you. Light is where you should be. Come to light. While in light good things can come to you. You are able to see the world and the world is able to see you. And then you can prosper and then good things can come into your life. When people see you they can help you. When you ask for help people can look towards your direction and come to you. This is why you need light. Light is the best, light supercede all. Nevertheless, Light is where you need to be.

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Light in the dark

Light is where you should be operating. Meanwhile, Light conquers it all. Light is the best place to be. Light is what you need in your life. Do not go to darkness, it is not the right place to be. See how beautiful everywhere is, so bright. That’s how your life should be. Please never you go back to a dark world. Light is the best place for you to be. When you are in light, things turn around excellently well for you. Come to light”


Get out of darkness

“Once there’s Life, there’s hope. Once there’s darkness there’s light at the end. Come to Light and experience the joy of the world” You need to get a life, a better future and mindset that can help you succeed. The kind of mindset you have will determine if you will succeed in life or not. So what ever you are doing in life be focus and never give up because soon the sky will be your limit.

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