Never giveup is one of the standard of success



Last updated on May 30th, 2020 at 08:20 pm

Standard for Success in life is what every individual need to be careful about. It is true that Success is not just for anyone. But with commitment. This can be  question. The interested works only when the time is convenient. The committed makes all the time convenient. The interested accepts excuses, the committed accepts results.  If you are still contemplating whether if the business is for me or not think about this.

*You can’t conquer in what You are not committed in.

*Commitment precedes Success; even in the dictionary.

*Stay committed, even though it hurts. * Success blesses those who pay attention to its moves.


Remember Standard for Success

Success is never an accident

It is always a result of commitment to excellence and a focused effort.  Life will only throw difficult situations at you. Only people who are consistent in their pursuit for success gets successful. You can’t join a business and advertise once. Run presentation once in a week. And you expect to grow like someone who does it every day. Consistency will only improve your skill in the  business. This is  because by virtue of your being consistent dexterity will set in. And you will also become luckier by getting in the  right guys.

Success never comes to People

People go for success so if you  are waiting, wait no more. This  is action time. People who do nothing gets nothing in life, Passion for what you do will promote you to high heavens. Refuse to b a mediocre. The difference between you and a leader is that you are not consistent in your pursuit for success.


There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve

And it is the fear of failure. – Paulo Coelho Why champions are champions is because they don’t complain. About life’s challenges and failure. They see challenges as something that improves their lives. While mediocres see lives challenges as suffer. Every true successful person must be prepared to face life’s challenges. Even stealing is difficult so nothing that benefits a man in life is easy. The earlier you know this the better. Even the bet9ja you play that looks easy is not easy. You must take your time to pick the right game.

Failure is part of the process of success

“Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are!. Failure is part of the process of Success. people who avoid failure also avoid Success.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki For the fact that you failed yesterday. Does not mean you can not become the  best tomorrow. All you need is to go back to the drawing board. And see where your weak points were. You can be a champion if you refuse to give up. People who give up easily latter on in life clap for people who never did.

Success will never lower its Standards to accommodate you

You have to raise your Standard to achieve Success.  The true life of a champion is steady. Practice on improving His business skill. Persistency even at the baddest of moments.  Taking action daily to do something to improve his well being. Some people will join a business. In three months or less they will say the business is not working and they quit. We were wired originally to fail. God never made anyone to be a champion. If you desire to b a champion. You are the one to decide by taking the necessary steps.

Important step to Standard for Success

Decide to take your destiny in your hands and push on. Try to improve your skill in network marketing.  Look for a way to make a lot of eyes see your advert. Do this daily as you try to present daily.

Do you join  business to stop half way ? What will people remember you for in this business ? I believe if we change our mindset. We can all become leaders in business. You can do it. Don’t believe what others are believing.  Believe in yourself and in no time we will all celebrate you. NEVER GIVE UP.

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