Beauty of the day



Beauty of the day is an inspirational word from Samuel Isaiah. While watching the video, you will understand better with the few question. Is your life still growing and beautiful as this flower? As a kid born to this earth. We were all looking so beautiful as this flower #BeautyOfTheDay. Then as we growup, things started changing and our sense in decision making grow too. But then we’re not certain if the decisions we make are the right decision. However, #NeverGiveUp make changes in your life and look beautiful again.


Beauty of the day

Is your life still growing and beautiful like a flower. Well you maybe wondering why I’m asking this question. But why I’m asking this question is because. If you look at a flower. How flower grows, how beautiful it looks. Is your life still looking that way? Is your life still attracted as that flower. You know when we were kids; born to earth. We were all looking so beautiful like this flower. Take your mind back, while you were a kid. And then your mind was building up. Things were changing gradually in your life. You started talking decisions. You started doing things you weren’t doing before. So, I want you to know that My topic today is “Beauty of the day”. Picture your mind using a flower. Then as we grow things started changing in your life. And our sense in decision making grow too. That’s why I’m flashing your mind back to when you were in creche as a little baby. From the creche you move to primary school. Also, from primary school you moved to secondary school. Things started changing in your life. The decisions you make are different from when you were in creche. But then are you certain of the decisions, you are making? If they are the right decisions. Or the wrong decisions uhm many of My mate. I could remember then in secondary school, in some countries we call it high school. They actually went from Art to Science. Some move from Science to Commercial (department). You know because they weren’t sure of the decisions they are making for their lifes.

The video below is to inspire you and give you insight on this topic. Watch out for our next motivating video.

Good and bad decision Making in Life

Some parents had to come back to tell them I don’t want My child to be in this class. I want My child to be in this class. You see, those are decision making. When you make wrong decisions in your life. It turn around things for you. Your life may not be as beautiful as how it’s ought to be. Will this decision making still lead us to our destiny. Or what are we supposed to do at the right time. So we can achieve our purpose in life. Today because of wrong decision making, many have wither and lost their natural beauty. Their life have gone just because of a simple mistake they did. They are not who they are supposed to be anymore. There life can’t attract good things anymore. However, I want to tell you never give up. Make changes in your life and then look beautiful again. So that when people see you, they will understand. And changes can also come into your life. Your life will also add value. And people will love to be with you. Make your life Beautiful

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