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Our privacy policy is what keeps us running and therefore we ask our visitors never to be afraid because your privacy is important to us and always save. No one wants its identity to be insulted likewise us so we treat you as we treat ourselves because we all are important and have a various opinion to something.

Log Files
We do not sell your information here, we only use Log Files system like other website and the information here are about the page and the time you visited our website, the type of browser used to visit our website eg. google chrome, safari, internet explorer, firefox and much more. we also get information on the type of Internet Service Provider, ISP you use eg are MTN NG, Orange, AOL etc. your Internet Protocol address, IP. we also get information on referring sites. In summary, we do not get personal information about our readers.

Cookies and Web Beacons

This website uses cookies to store information like recording user-specific data on the page visited, visitors preferences, etc. It is important you know that our partners such as advertisers also use cookies to generate information like your ISP, IP address and most of the information mentioned above. The reasons for this is used for Geo-targeting Purposes to serve you the necessary ads you will love to see eg. showing a marketplace in Akwa Ibom state to someone in Akwa Ibom, or showing ads based on what you must search or read about on the website. Note that we do not have access or control of Advertisers cookies.

Double Click
Also, be away that DART cookies may be used to serve Ads through Doubleclick and this may place cookies on your Computer when browsing this may include Google Adsense Adverts.

The reason for this cookies is basically to provide you with ads of your own choice and interest, it is always based your last browsing history. A good example of it is someone viewing a site about how to make-up, it is possible if you see an advert on a site telling you to enroll for a training on how to make-up. DART is never using it to track your personal data like mobile number, names, email address, bank details etc. it is only used to give you a targeted advert on your browsing experience.

It is your choice to allow or disable cookies or third-party cookies in your browser, but note that it may reduce your browser experience and therefore limit you to what you ought to enjoy online, it can also disturb your interaction on any website. You can also contact the respective third party advertisers to make inquiry on how to opt-out of the service.

However, when you delete cookies this does not give you guaranty that you have permanently opted out advert except you disable cookies on your browser, when next you visit the website again new cookies are added automatically.
It is Important you know that is not responsible for any occurrence of misconduct between you and any third party. Our privacy Policy can change at any time depending on us.

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